Friday, July 17, 2009

3rd Resupply

We made it to our 3rd resupply. It was a 10 mile hike through mosquito infested swamps to reach Lake Edison. At 4:45, right on time, a pontoon boat they call a ferry came to pick us up, along with 20 other hungry and smelly hikers. The boat pulled up to a dock half submerged--Beth almost wouldn't baord, but I told her there might be meatloaf.

We're not kidding about the mosquitoes. Last night we camped near the Bear Creek crossing (40 yds of knee deep wading, with packs on, in water only a little warmer than the snow, with mosquitoes everywhere. We inhaled several. Some time after we setup camp this couple walked down the trail, just 50 feet from our tent, and in the middle of a granite slab, had a complete mosquito meltdown. She started jumping up and down, threw her hiking poles, swatting herself like she'd gone mad, yelling and screaming, and he followed suit. He also dropped his pack and reached for the bug spray. She was swatting him, spraying DEET everywhere, it was mayhem. Next, the tent comes out of nowhere, right in the middle of the granite slab, and they both dove in. None of this is a joke. It was not safe out there. I've never seen people hike with mosquito nets (normally just moving along is enough to keep them at bay), but today we saw a number of hikers in full raingear and nets. We wore them, too.

But now, we're at what they call a resort. It's mostly a trailer park where most everything is broken. This laptop has no 'c' keycap, for example. And the washer doesn't work. But how about this: while we were enjoying meatloaf and a bottle of wine, it rained for 30 minutes, buckets of rain, thunder and lightening. We were dry, sitting under an awning that only leaked a little, watching ESPN (Tiger missed the cut), saving room for 2 pieces of apple pie with ice cream. Our biggest problem now is whether we'll have the biscuits and gravy and/or the breakfast burrito in the morning.

Wish we could find a way to show you some of the photos from the trip. We're really having fun. Beth was not kidding when she named this blog "... Adventure". I don't know how she knew...

More tomorrow. Beth is sitting here so I can't tell you about how much she ate, and the manner in which she ate it. Wowsa.

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