Saturday, July 18, 2009

254 Miles

We realized that our hike out to resupply in Onion Valley was not included in our initial mileage calculation of 240 total miles. We're currently at mile 175 of 254. That looks quite impressive as I type it. And, now it makes sense to me why I found myself eating more than Dave for dinner (he really wants to tell that story), a box of Cheez-Its, Apple Pie, Ice's been 175 miles since I've had a 'real' meal!

Need to unpack our resupply box, refill our bear cans and send home some gear that we don't need (lighter packs!) so we can go out for the last 8 days. Our goal for the next night is Virginia Lake. We've heard the mosquitoes aren't quite so bad there and we know that the lake is beautiful. Hopefully some of our photos will show a little of the beauty of Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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