Saturday, August 8, 2009

Photos & the Next Adventure

Photos are ready for viewing. Click here to view.

Dave is currently creating a Blue-Ray DVD of our adventure as well. Will you see us sometime soon? If so, you might enjoy the DVD version.

What's next? Well, climbing Half Dome in September with Alexa and Eric. But, that's not what you had in mind is it? Here are our top picks for upcoming adventures. Click on 'Comment' below to let us know your vote (you can be anonymous if you please):

1. Belize

The GR 20 Route in Corsica. Click here for a brief description.
3. Tahiti
4. Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage route through Northern Spain
5. Morocco

6. A Galactic Experience, Click here


  1. Gorgeous photos! Looking forward to the DVD....

  2. My vote - Galactic Experience - no question!

  3. Love the short hair, girl! Been thinking of you-- the BIG hike, the beginning of the school year. Our wedding day is almost here and we are very excited! Miss you and our chats. Maybe one day we'll still do that double dinner date. :)